When Life changes-A real Story

It is a belief that often people live in their own hell. Since the emergence of social media, a new wave of not being happy with lives has begun. People often want to give up their life for a teen love, want to fight with parents for a gaming console or want to be assured they are love with materialist gifts. In the mix of this, there is a story of a boy called Rudraksh who was in his teens.

He was like every other boy. He was playful, mischievous, didn’t mind the occasional flirt. He always had an ambition of being an engineer and if possible in IIT ( Premium university of India for engineering) . This dream was of his father as well. He was never forced to join or study for it but he knew what his father wants. He worked really hard but still couldn’t qualify for it. So he decided to join another premium institute in India. He had the time of his life. Academics, Drama, Music, Fashion, Poetry, You name it and he was there. Settled in Dubai, he had a tough time being in India. So when the Diwali Breaks ( One of the biggest festivals of Hindus)  were announced, he couldn’t have been happier. What did he know it was the last time he was going to be running again.


On the day of the festival, he fell terribly ill. In front of her eyes, his mother could see her son fainting and becoming numb. He was stuck with a bad disease. It is called Gullaine Baire syndrome. 3 months in ICU including 40 days on Ventilation and almost 1 year and 6 months of Paralysis was what followed. He who had been the confident guy starting to lose his belief in him. He was scared to be in front of people, too shy to talk to anyone. He became a new person which no one could have imagined. It was that moment when he realized the people who stand by you are no one but your family.

Like most of us, Rudraksh was blessed with the most amazing parents and a sister who were ready to do anything to see him recover. Rudraksh’s father left no stone unturned to find the best medical care for him. The money getting spent on the treatment was not an issue. If there was a slightest opportunity of making Rudraksh comfortable, it was done. Despite what was going through, he didn’t let the smile go off his face as he knew for Rudraksh to be strong, he needs to be strong. It is often believed mothers are form of God. No one can know it better than Rudrasksh. His mother left her job, career, comfort , sleep everything for him. Seeing her child in pain, she stopped living. For almost one and half years, her life was just him. Rudraksh’s sister was no less. Being his only sibling, it was her who dealt with all the drama which he did. She was the support which he needed to feel normal. He annoyed her, pranked her and did everything to make himself smile. She took everything to see that smile on his face. Since their childhood, Rudraksh had always looked up to her sister for motivation and self realization. In a situation like this, it was her whom he always turned to when he felt super low in life. No matter how much he kept trying not to, depression started hitting him.



Struck in Distress, he decided to give his life a new chance and join an engineering college in UAE. But life had other plans. None of the colleges who offer engineering where keen to take a person who is on wheelchair. This one college refused him engineering but gave him a course he always had a vague interest in. When he agreed on it, his life changed. After almost 2 years, he felt normal again. He was out of his cocoon flying to a normal life. He had promised himself when he was recovering that he will not give up. He wanted to beat the odds and live like everyone else. His University life started slow with lot of hiccups. People he thought will support him were not found. In these times, he found people who not only supported him physically but were his emotional strength.


 As time went, he started to show what he can do. With each day, he was recovering and was getting stronger mentally. 3 years later, he is independent, he is confident as ever; he lives life the way he wants. Looking at him, it is hard to know what he went through. This all was because of Self Belief.


Self-Belief is the enigma, the concept of having faith in you to do something. For people to believe in you, the 1st thing you need is to believe in yourself. He never doubted his ability to endure pain or fight or stand up no matter what. For being successful, self-belief is the key.  If you cannot convince yourself that you can do a task, it is very difficult for you to make someone else believe.

2nd thing which is important is dedication. Getting back to his story, he was told he won’t be able to walk unless he keeps trying. There was no day which went by in which he didn’t try. He fractured his leg and got a rod inserted in the leg to fix it, but he was dedicated. Lot of us think, we will get what is in our fate. What if the fate says, you will get something only if you hard work. Not everyone is lucky to get things without working for it.

3rd and the most important thing is attitude. Every situation which is not perfect can look good or bad. The most famous example of Half-filled glass implies here.  On the story again, he could have sat home, felt miserable about him and could have gone in depression. What he did was, he took this as a new life and decided to live with what is given to him. A positive attitude about everything can give a new perception towards life. No task can be done till you have the attitude towards doing it.

We have a zillion stories about people who did far greater than the boy. The reason why his story is significant is because he is a teenager like us. He had no super powers. He changed his life and if he can, anyone can. Life is unfair, but that’s the fun. Life is not about what you achieved, it is about what you wanted to.
So enjoy life but keep fighting.